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Human Resource Administration

We understand that getting the right people for the job propels our clients into the future. It is their knowledge, know-how and skills that form the heart of every venture and as such, the success of every entity heavily relies on the effectiveness of unlocking the human potential.

We have the best hands-on deck for this because we adopt a holistic strategy to manage human capital.

By engaging us, we not only source the best persons for your firm but also advice you on how to conduct and consistently adhere to:

  • Performance management
  • Reward management
  • Employment law such as labour relations
  • Termination of employment

We have been extensively researching HR effectiveness for a couple of years now and have distilled from our research a proper approach into the management of this critical business resource.

The main challenge being faced by most HR managers is to know how, which rules and in which context they are necessary and when applied would lead to effective human resource management. We have established a framework that is effective and reliable in solving these challenges being faced in the current business environment. The framework is aimed at:

  • Solving the increasing complexities our clients are facing in both policy-making and administrative processes
  • Creating a challenge of good governance by involving capacity building through people
  • Creating and reviewing recruitment, promotion and incentive strategies
  • Developing a viable staffing plan to ensure employment of optimum human resource
  • Developing policies to encourage synergy at work

Business growth and success requires good human input. This has always been true, but its importance in the trending business environment has made it more  critical. We have industry experience in identifying the failures and successes of our clients and asking a number of critical questions to enable our clients to fully unleash the potential supplied by the human resource.

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