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We ensure that the system by which an organization is controlled and operated and the mechanism by which it and its people are held accountable.  Specifically, we make sure that the set of rules, controls, policies, and resolutions put in place to direct corporate behavior are adhered to. In addition, we ensure that the firm observes the following principles of good governance.

1.  Fairness for all shareholders and stakeholders.

2. Accountability for the action and conduct of shareholders, directors and employees.

3. Sound exercise of the Responsibilities conferred to the directors by the shareholder.

4. Transparency by the company’s management giving information to the stakeholders.

5. Promote Culture and ethics by ensuring that the company complies with the relevant policies, laws and regulations and code of business practice.

6. Balance the structure of the board in terms of independence, diversity of skills and knowledge, and gender.

7. Existence of Corporate compliance with all regulations.

8. Ensure that sound Internal control procedures are in place.

9. Assessment and performance of the board directors should be done often.

10. Induction, development and strength of skills of board members should be done when need be.

11. Adoption of technology and skills should be done when and where necessary.

12. Management of corporate risk to ensure that the going concern of the company is not threatened.

13. Social and environmental responsibilities should be done in order to give back to the society.

Why consult with us?

At MNC, we have specialists who take time to understand the needs of each of our clients. Firms face different and vast challenges in their operations and as such, we have designed flexible frameworks that help us achieve solutions amicably. In addition, we have a history of establishing business cultures that have helped our clients remain competitive.

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