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Employees’ pay and benefits offer job satisfaction, commitment and loyalty. Pay and benefits are used as managerial tactics to outdo competitors by attracting and retaining highly skilled employees. Firms that desire to expand their market share understand that employees are the drivers of the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

At MNC, we engage our team of consultants in your firm to assess the most ideal benefits strategy to maximize your firm’s return on investment.

Through our experience, we offer our clients opportunities to reshape their firms through modern work benefits. We help to;

What is the gain in adopting proper pay and benefits schemes?

In this current business economy, it is not easy to attract and retain employees. We understand that when you value your employees, it becomes easier for them to come in for work. We continuously advise our clients to seek our consultants to gain a competitive advantage over the growing number of competitors.

At MNC, we are proud to have spearheaded our clients’ firms into the next growth phase. Through our expert consultant’s advice;

What we are offering our clients

Through our broad consultancy services, we can provide avid solutions that meet your needs in;

"Our experience with MNC Consulting Group HRM in people management services has been nothing short of exceptional. Their team's expertise in handling HR functions, from recruitment to employee engagement and development, has been invaluable to our organization. Thanks to their services, we've seen a significant improvement in our employee satisfaction and retention rates, which has had a positive impact on our overall productivity."

Mrs. Fridah Gatwiri Ndambiri Director, Smart corn Maize flour LTD

Why we recommend you choose us?

We have been characterized by our avid and vigorous pursuit of providing world-class services to our clients. Our HR consultant’s policy of maintaining high professionalism has accorded us recognition in Kenya as one of the best in matters relating to employee compensation. We understand that employees carry the brand name of the firm and therefore, we are focused and do not compromise on matters related to such.

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