Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Employee relations refer to an organization’s effort to create and maintain a good and positive relationship and collaboration with its employees.

At MNC, we understand that for any firm to achieve its objectives and acquire a unique competitive advantage, it is very vital for the work environment to be conducive.  Therefore, we seek to improve our clients’ firms to approach employee relations in a professional manner.

Benefits of employee relations in a firm

  • It helps in retaining effective and efficient employees as well as heightens their loyalty

  • A good employee relationship decreases workplace conflicts and disputes

  • Increases  employee productivity, motivation, trust, and confidence in the management of the firm

  • Minimize boycotts, absenteeism, and strikes in the firm

  • Harmonize terms and conditions of employment for staff

What we are offering

We have a great experience working with clients across different industries that have supported our understanding, expertise, and knowledge in resolving complex matters. We have established strong frameworks in handling issues related with

  • Disciplinary investigations, hearings & appeals in the firm
  • Whistleblowing investigations
  • Bullying and harassment investigations
  • Absence management in the firm
  • Workplace mediation and settlement agreements

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