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Transaction Advisory Services 

These services enable us to guide our clients on how to make informed and unbiased decisions when it comes to maximization of returns.

Every investor and business owner has only one aim, to get a positive return in the future for all the assets they hold. 

We offer the following under transaction advisory.

1.Conducting feasibility study

We are highly ambitious and pay close attention to all details enabling us to identify risks and benefits in the early stages of any proposed transaction. We conduct a feasibility study before preparing a report to our clients to ensure no stones remain unturned. The report that we prepare and present to our clients is;

  • Independent,
  • Confidential and,
  • Contains all documentation supporting any major hidden issues in the foreseeable future.

To adequately prepare such a report, we rely on our expertise to assess the three most important aspects affecting any transaction;

  • Financial aspect,
  • Technical aspect and,
  • Legal aspect.

We have been able to achieve this through our highly trained team of experts who possess special sets of skills that have been gained over a couple of years.

2. Overseeing implementation

For each transaction, questions regarding standards must be answered. We address this key requirement when we engage our experts in advising our clients on transactions. We ensure that the key players, and key objectives set prior to the initiation of the transaction are adhered to. We encourage all players in a transaction to develop a positive and honest attitude to enable expectations are met and/or exceeded.

We have experts who are committed in guiding the clients through the whole implementation phase of a transaction to minimize risks associated with poor quality and communication breakdown which more often than not leads to low return being yielded.

3. Conclusion of the transaction

Success is measured against the set parameters. In this case, our aim is to minimize costs and maximize returns on the assets held. We encourage our clients to make a checklist after every

transaction to ensure that the transaction reflects a positive yield in the portfolio of all the assets.

We have developed a criterion to help guide our clients on making conclusions on issues regarding the transaction with specific interest on;

  • Risk against rewards,
  • Quality against efficiency,
  • Relevance against reliability,
  • Cost against benefits and,
  • Accountability against empowerment.

4. Post transaction review

It is not enough to reach an appropriate conclusion only, implication beyond the immediate completion of a transaction is very important. We put through our clients on which criterion is more important, efficient and effective in making major arguments for or against the completed transaction.

Critics and praises are very important when it comes to fine tuning the approach to future transactions. We ensure that our clients are placed in a better position to identify future viable alternatives because we empower them to;

  • Make specific action plans,
  • Make implementation sequence,
  • Conduct self-evaluation checklist.
  • Maintain alertness throughout.

Feel free to consult with us.

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