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Tax Accounting

At MNC Consulting Group we ensure that our clients use tax accounting methods, rules, and regulations that generate tax assets or tax liabilities in the accounting records of a taxpayer (individual or company) that are favourable.

Our dedicated team of experts helps our clients:

  • Prepare tax returns, payments, necessary paperwork, schedules, and reports
  • Assess and research difficult tax issues and identify solutions
  • Manage and maintain the individual and company’s tax database
  • Apply efficient tax savings strategies and avoidance techniques in order to minimise tax liability
  • Ensure that our clients comply with regulations by forwarding required information to tax authorities
  • Offer support and guidance on day to day running of the business in regard to taxation
  • Prepare accurate quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Compute instalment taxes payable when they fall due
  • Find tax solutions to complicated tax issues or errors from incorrect tax filings

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