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Non-statutory Audit

A non-statutory audit is an examination of the truthfulness and fairness financial statement of an entity by an external auditor who is independent of the organization. A non-statutory audit is not a requirement by the law.

At MNC, we conduct non-statutory to:

  • check the efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s organization operation.
  • help our clients to identify areas that need attention in the operation of the company.
  •  ensure that the company identifies problems in the financial statement.

Advantages of conducting a non-statutory audit;

  • Non-statutory audit reduces organizational risks and hence helps the organization in achieving its objectives.
  • By conducting a non-statutory audit the management can learn and rectify errors so that the financial statements are free from any material misstatement.
  • Non-statutory audit helps a company to maintain a reliable financial and operation system.
  • Helps in identifying areas in which the company’s assets need protection.
  • Non-statutory audit helps companies to get a deeper insight into the company operation and how to improve higher efficiency in the company.


Why consult MNC for non-statutory audit

  • Our team of auditors helps our clients to detect and prevent errors before statutory audit is conducted.
  • We conduct non-statutory for our clients to help them prevent any chance of fraud within the financial statement in their organization.
  • Our certified public accountants help our client identify errors that occur during financial statement preparation and helps them fix the errors before the final year-end audit.

We have gained a great reputation from our clients across all industries in conducting non-statutory audits in their companies.

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