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Funding Proposals

We understand that it is not all the time that firms are able to source funds from owners of the ventures and therefore there arises a need to raise funds from external sources.

We have been of great assistance when our clients’ firms are organizing financing strategy from external sources which involves raising, investing and repayment of the funds. We have a team of experts with diverse experience in developing, compiling and defending the funding proposals aimed at providing a compelling case for any prospective project.

Before we begin developing the funding proposal, we take time to understand the needs and requirements of your financier, as well as the business venture. Our clients come to us with vast reasons for the need to have a funding proposal. These include but not limited to:

  • Need to raise large amounts of money
  • Need to diversify the funding base
  • Necessity to plan for future aspects of a project or business venture

We are your preferred partners in preparation of funding proposals because we aim at making an impact in the thoughts of a financiers. We do this because we understand that a funding proposal is ‘selling’ an ideology which involves understanding the prospective ‘buyer’ i.e., the financier. We have been able to achieve this through our expert crafted proposals that not only share knowledge, understanding and information but also, add value to operations.

Since the formation of MNC Consulting Group, we have gained an undisputed reputation for offering funding proposals because we:

  • Conduct feasibility study in order to determine viability of a project
  • Are able to source, engage and communicate professionally to the intended financier
  • Exercise integrity and transparency by sharing information and ideas extensively
  • Combine all aspects of a business such as technological and social aspects among others
  • Act as liaison officers where there are multi-disciplinary professions working on the same project
  • Provide the financier with periodic reports on the progress of the project
  • Develop and compile the proposal
  • Defend and justify why the project is viable
  • Monitor and evaluate the project to establish whether the progress conform with the set standards

No two business ventures are the same, be it their commercial environment or the way they have adopted their approach to their operations. By relying on our experience, we appreciate this diversity and as such device unique ways and approaches when drafting our clients funding proposals. We are known to have a success track-record in reconciling these diverse needs and requirements.

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