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Business Transformation and Turnaround

While the term transformation can mean many things, we define it in the most literal sense: a cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of a business, with a stated goal of producing game-changing results.

The needed change program can take many forms, from moderate restructuring to full-scale turnarounds, depending on the company’s needs.

What our Full Potential Transformation (FPT) clients all have in common is a readiness to disrupt the status quo in order to grow. In some cases, the impetus comes from a restless leader who wants to maintain a competitive edge or take the company and industry to fertile and uncharted territory; in others, the need arises from dire financial and competitive circumstances.

Corporate leaders have a core set of “levers” they can pull to alter their company’s trajectory to reach full potential amid the new realities of their market places and within the limitations of their starting point as well as the cultural norms of their company.

We guide leaders and entrepreneurs through a series of questions to identify the sequence and implement the necessary changes and actions that will stick and create value over a multi-year horizon.

In our experience, companies tend to fall into four broad quadrants that suggest what type of Full Potential Transformation may be required:

Our approach relies on experts across a full set of capabilities and is supported by our vast experience in:

  • Strategy formulation and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Performance appraisal
  • Organization i.e., leadership
  • Customer strategy and marketing
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Financial management

We assist our clients in;

  • Assessing the company’s current health in the context of industry dynamics
  • Gauging how far the business model must shift to sustain /revive growth
  • Providing advice on specific aspects of the turnaround process

Our business advisory consultant services in turnaround and restructuring process includes;

  • Addressing liquidity concern
  • Stabilizing core operations
  • Developing business plan
  • Reviewing of business projections
  • Developing and reviewing of cost reduction initiatives
  • Implementing cash conservation guidelines and controls
  • Assist in the implementation of an operational restructuring
  • Developing of the employee incentive plan
  • Preparing of pre-bankruptcy plan

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